GRIP Early Access Review

Lookout Early Access gamers, GRIP is now available on Steam. GRIP is a futuristic combat racer, with combined furious speeds and intense action to create memorable racing moments you won't forget.

With intense speeds of over 600 km/h, enough g-force to ride the walls and ceiling, an array of power ups and weapons and a variety of planets, players will have the ultimate racing experience.

For those Early Access supporters concerned about the stability of the game, worry no more! For its first release, and so early in development this game is incredible. Caged Element Inc. has done a fantastic job and already show great promise with community involvement.

Take a look at their trailer;

This adrenaline filled hardcore combat racer will keep you on the edge of your seat, with four planets to race on and ten weapons/power-ups it will be a miracle if you make it to the finish line.

GRIP has huge potential, with plenty of features in the works like vehicle upgrades, more pick-ups, maps and killer music, we’ll be expecting great things from this team.

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