XCOM 2 Released With All New Surprises And Excitement

After long waiting time XCOM 2 has been launched on Fed 4 2016. It is the sequel of XCOM series with much more fun, excitement and power. This series has been launched for personal computers in-order to bring more variation to game. Steam (a digital distribution form that is internet based. This is developed by Valve Corporation) is the seller of this game and it is now available worldwide.

Unlike earlier series, in XCOM 2 there is more power in hand of player. Player can add more soldiers, weapons and arms in-order to defeat aliens that have entered on earth. Also, here the mobile airship (avenger) is reintroduced. It was present in original version of game UFO: Enemy Unknown.

The objective behind keeping this game PC based is to add more features in it and also it was easier for makers to develop it with ease. Also, the company has built up good experience in developing PC games. Here player will get support of gamepad and can use procedural levels.

What Is New In XCOM 2

With an objective to make XCOM 2 powerful and effective on aliens, many changes has been introduces in it. Changes have been done in player’s way of handling soldiers, getting new soldiers, enemy type and chasing enemy.

Player's Way of Handling Soldiers: Unlike old series of XCOM, new XCOM has put more strength in player's hand like now players can give command to soldiers and can also control research and engineering department to create new advance and effective weapons for the battle. Player can also assist this department to develop new technology for the mission to be won.

Soldiers: Here more soldiers can be recruited at the time of requirement in each class. Like, the avenger base players can be upgraded with weaponry and Armors. And other soldiers of different class can be further upgraded.

Enemy Type: New type of enemy can be created to give more adventure to game. Also, class and campaign can be changed and brought from Steam Workshop. One can go with one-o-one game or multiplayer version as well to add more fun using same workshop.

Chasing Enemy: Player can loot enemy corpses to get more weapons and they can even use it against the enemy. Also, the severelywounded soldiers can be taken back and replaced with fresh soldiers in XCOM 2.

Map: Changes has been done in map of game as well. Now, more creature has been added to game that add adventure in it. This makes the task more interesting and difficult for aliens.

Details About XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is a successor of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Basically it is a tactical video game that is based on turn. The game has been developed by Firaxis Games (It is an American video game developer, this company is best known for its game series civilization) and it is published by 2K Games (An American company, they are developer, distributor and publisher of video games). This game is primarily made for Windows, Linux and OS X. It is the follower of XCOM: Enemy Returns where XCOM loses the war against enemies.

The XCOM 2 was scheduled to be released in year 2015 but with an objective to make some development in game its release has been extended to February 4 2016. The game was available in Sep 2015 on pre-order with some added features but that was more costly that time. Now, you have its fully developed version with all features with no extra cost. In XCOM 2, the game has taken the leap of 20 years i.e. in 2035 where aliens have entered on earth.

So, if you were the lover of XCOM series and waiting for XCOM 2 and expecting something new in it, then XCOM 2 will be worth waiting for. Get this new series and experience the changes done in it. It will add more fun in your video gaming experience particularly with XCOM series. This game is availble now, on both Windows and Linux PC platforms.

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